MEMS Foundry


STC offers 150-mm and 200-mm MEMS production capabilities to meet our customers needs for prototype, pilot, low- and mid-volume manufacturing. Our facility is designed to provide maximum flexibility for a wide array of programs and substrate materials including silicon, quartz, metal and polyimides.

STC utilizes the best available microfabrication approaches and production equipment to solve complex challenges in the areas of inertial sensors, biomedial, microfluidics, green technologies, optical displays, SiOB/Thermal Imaging, 3-D integration and wafer-level packaging. Our skilled team can provide support for process transfers / integration where required.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

  • Bruce Technologies BDF-200, MRL SBR1504
    • Atmospheric and Low Pressure
    • Thermal Oxidation
    • POCI3 Doping
    • Silicon Nitride
    • Polysilicon
  • STS PECVD & Applied P5000, 3 DxZ chambers:
    • SiO2, SiN, Oxynitride, a-Si

CMP /Grind

  • CMP - Strasbaugh 6EC
    • Polysilicon, SiO2, Si Smoothing
  • Strasbaugh nGenuity 7AAII
    • Wafer grinding
  • OnTrack DSS200
    • Scrubber

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

  • Sputter – Veeco Connexion 8 Cluster tool
    • Ti, Ti/W, Ta, Mo, ITO, Al, Al/Si, Al/Si/Cu, Al/Nd, SiO2, A1203, AIN
  • E-beam Metals Evaporation – Temescal F27A121UPG
    • Cr, Au, Mo, Al, Ni, Sn, Pt, Ti, Ag
  • Cambridge Nanotech Savannah 200ALD
    • Al203
  • Applied Endura HP PVD
    • Al PVD
    • Al/AlSiCu


  • Ultratech 4X Reduction Stepper
    • 0.50µm resolution
  • Ultratech 1X Stepper with backside alignment capability
    • 2 µm resolution
  • Suss MA6/BA6 Manual Contact Aligner with backside alignment capability
  • Suss MA200 Automatic Contact Aligner with backside alignment capability
  • TEL Mark VII and SVG 8800 series coat and develop
    • Positive photoresist from .65µm to 25µm
    • Negative photoresist for patterning and Lift-off
    • Specialty films up to 100µm
    • SU8, Polyimides, BCB, Barc and CEM films
  • Axcellis/Fusion M200PCU DUV photostabilizer

Plasma Etch

  • STS Pegasus DRIE
  • LAM 9400
    • Si, Polysilicon,.Polyimide
  • LAM 9600
    • Al, AlSiCu, AlSi, Ti, W, TiO2, SiO2, HfO2, Cr, Mo, AIN
  • LAM 4520
    • SiN, SiO2

Resist Strip

  • Ulvac and LAM downstream Microwave O2 Plasma strip
  • Piranha
  • EKC 265

Sacrificial Releases

  • Xactix XeF2
  • Primaxx HF Vapor
  • Ulvac O2 Polymer Release
    • Setup for 6” wafer robotic handling
  • Suss Manual Bond: SB6/BA6
  • Suss Automatic Bond cluster tool, ABC200
  • Adhesive Wafer Bonding
    • Vacuum laminator
  • HTI-7 Glass Frit Screenprinter
  • AMST MVD 100

Wet Processing

  • JST Wet Benches and SEMI SRDs
    • HF, 6:1 BOE, Hot Phosphoric, KOH,PAN Etch, Liftoff